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RSVP CATERING, owned and run by Chef Kerry Gibson, is a high end quality catering company with an ardent focus on organic and free range food which has been ethically raised. We are absolutely passionate about this and have partnered up with suppliers who share our passion.

We create food that is seasonal and as local as possible. Therefore, our monthly specials menu change regularly according to what's available and fresh at the time.

We are positioned at the top end of the Johannesburg catering market, offering reliable and top quality food and hospitality services.

We believe that food is not just something we have to do but nutrition to feed the body, soul and mind. As such, we believe in more harmonious "head to toe" eating where we cook and eat almost all the part of the animals we use. We understand that this is a little outlandish to many people but once the amazing cuts of meat are cooked, you will wish you had eaten "head to toe" before. Also, many of the non prime meats are proven to be the most healthy.

We have recently started to specialise in the latest food and health development of Paleo recipes who many may know as the Time Noakes Low Carb, High Fat diet. While this is not the only food we offer, it has become very popular and one that Chef Kerry has become a firm supporter off. Many health conscious people in and around Johannesburg are now turning to this alternative and healthy option. Click here to go to Tim Noakes website (http://thepaleodiet.co.za/professor-tim-noakes/) We offer sit down paleo menus as well as Cocktail paleo food menus.

We also specialise in Spit braais and barbeques through our associate partner, Braeside Meat Market, where we buy all of our grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free meat. Please contact us for our full spit braai and barbeque menu. This is a full service menu with all starters, mains, side orders and desserts offered. Much of this is naturally Paleo but we also have a specially designed Paeo Spit braai and barbeque menu

Some of our partner suppliers are Braeside Meat Market (organic and free range meat which is hormone and antibiotic free - who recently become the only certified grass fed beef butchery in the country), Freshly Grown and Aloe dale Farms (Suppliers of organic fruit and vegetables) Pepe Charlot (suppliers of artisan made goats cheese) and others.

As many people have experienced for themselves, food costs on good quality food has been rising exponentially over the last few years. As such, in order to offer you the best quality meal, our prices are not in the budget range.

We also offer gourmet safari and hunting catering. Please click through to our safari and hunting page to see some pictures of our last safari trip. Please email us if you are planning a trip and we can help you to deisng a menu or quote on coming on the trip and catering for you.

As the preparation of natural and good quality food has become such a vital part of our lives, we are happy to announce that we have also partnered up with Parkhurst Kitchens to offer you braai courses and other food training. Chef Kerry also gives Paleo classes from our Parkhurst kitchens.

We are presently designing a Paelo, high fat low carb recipes book to help people who would like to go Paleo find the ingredients they need and also plan better meals. Planning is king so we will help you plan your meals, buy your food and give you recipes that are amazingly tasty and nutritious.

Call or email us now for a quotation on your next event!

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French trimmed braised lamb chops with red wine and mint sauce
Salmon Fish Cake
Sensational Fish Pie
Grass Fed Beef Fillet with Coriander and Garlic marinade

"Thanks for everything on Saturday night - an absolutely brilliant evening. Your waiters are fantastic - loads of people commented on how professional and efficient they were. Also the food was brilliant, and bringing it out all the time ensured loads more food was eaten on the night than any other parties we have had (normally huge platters of food are brought out and sit on a table somewhere, with no one actually eating much). The quality of the food was also superb.

Again, thanks for helping make it a fantastic evening."



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